Preparing for your Treatment

Roaches/Ants Clean Out Service

You and your pets will have to vacate the interior of the property for at least 4 hours the day of treatment. A second treatment is required 7-10 days from the first service in order for treatment to work correctly.

All kitchen and bathroom cabinets must be cleaned out so that the technician can spray. Place the food items, dishes, etc. in plastic trash bags and/or plastic tubs. Do not place the items on top of the counter.

Please remove all debris, clothing, toys, clutter from around the baseboards of the home.

Make sure all food items, grease, etc. are cleaned up off the counters and floors.

Please let the technician know where you are having problems.

There may be an odor when you return. It is not harmful to pets or humans after the 4 hour waiting period. You may open the windows.

Remember when we spray, we sometimes bring them out of their hiding places and the problem may get a little worse before it gets better.

Flea and/or Tick Treaments


Please make sure that your pets are on a treatment plan. We recommend that you take them to the vet to be put on a treatment plan prior to having your home treated. We recommend calling Dade City Animal Clinic (352) 567-2669.

You and your pets must vacate the areas treated for at least 4 hours. Pets can go back on the grass after it is fully dry. A second treatment will be required within 7-10 days to properly treat for fleas.

Make sure you remove as many items as you can from the floor so that the technician can treat properly. 

Vacuum prior to treatment and remove vacuum bag from home in a plastic bag.

For the next two weeks, vacuum as often as you want but please make sure to remove the vacuum bag in a plastic bag to the trash. DO NOT SHAMPOO CARPETS for at least one month!

Tile and wood floors may be a little oily if it is not dry and can be slippery. Wait for the chemical to dry before entering if this happens.

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs are handled on a case by case basis. Please contact us for an estimate.